Child Care Hickory NC

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Toddler Child Care Hickory NC


Our toddler program includes children from 12 months to 24 months of age.

Our toddler curriculum provides a caring atmosphere with reassuring daily routines and stimulating activities that provide toddlers with a sense of safety and security. They learn through play, teacher assisted activities, and a lot of repetitions. Teachers provide opportunities for development of small, large motor skills and organize play activities to build concepts, listening skills, develop socially, and develop emotionally.

We will read allowed to the children as this helps develop language skills, builds imagination, and lays the foundation for literacy. Teachers provide toddlers with point and read books, repeat sounds and rhymes. These book will have clear pictures of familiar objects and will contain simply stories with predictable plots that will help expand the child’s vocabulary.

The toddler will participate in songs, finger plays, and rhymes that build phonemic awareness. Each day teachers plan activities for the children to explore art, blocks, and dramatic play. The goal is to develop each child’s sense of security and promote social or cognitive development.

Every day your child’s teacher will provide you a daily report on your child’s development and the daily activities. We include eating, sleeping, diapering schedules, and information on activities or special moments during the day.


Toddler Child Care Hickory NC
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  • Open 6 a.m. Until 6 p.m. Monday - Friday
  • Rated 4 Stars
  • Enrolling 6 Weeks Through 12 Years
  • Before/After School Care
  • Summer Camp
  • DSS Vouchers Accepted
  • USDA Approved Meals